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25 Small Towns With Big Millionaire Populations

By raw numbers, most of these millionaire households can be found in and around big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – just as you would expect. But some millionaires prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of major metropolises. Indeed, pockets of millionaires can be found in some far-flung places.The following list of cities is limited to “micropolitan” areas, which the Census Bureau defines as urban clusters with populations between 10,000 and 50,000, “plus adjacent territory that has a high degree of social and economic integration with the core as measured by commuting ties.” In some cases, these locations benefit from being popular recreational areas or havens for wealthy retirees. In others, a particular industry drives local wealth. Either way, these are the 25 smallest cities and towns boasting the highest concentrations of millionaire households in the U.S.

Doreen Pottios
December 12, 2019