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List Of Services

Provide evaluation on goals - should you stay or should you go? We have resources to help in that decision.
Evaluation of current housing situation. Do you currently rent or do you own your home? Will you keep your property or sell it?
Once motivation has been established we'll then work toward your ultimate goal of relocating you to another State, City, and start referring you local contacts in the chosen area.

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Provide Referral and Ambassador Services

Once you’ve decided on a general area where to go we’ll provide the soup to nuts type checklists and guidelines - both moving out of the area - how to higher a mover - what not to move - and then when you have a general idea where you’re going, make referrals for area schools.

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Refer Trusted Agent(s)

Provide a trusted agent whether it’s for a rental or purchase. You name it and we’ll connect you with that trusted resource.

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Provide Financial Services

Whether you’re planning on owning or selling, we’ll work with you and evaluate the numbers so you’ll know approximately what the net closing costs will be along with providing you estimates for moving, resettling, and perhaps purchasing.

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